Thursday, May 19, 2011

OLED Highlights

The OLED displays in this year's SID exhibit include:

-DuPont Display's 5.8" full color printed display with a resolution of 294xRGBx196. The display highlights the unique low-cost printing process technology produced a display with 'better uniformity than AMLCD'. This OLED display is the largest format in this year's SID exhibit.

-The Flexible Display Center at Arizona State University's 3.8" QVGA
full color OLED display on the DuPont Teijin PEN substrate fabricated with
the unique bond-debond process patented by ASU. The flexible display
features Universal Display Corp's full-phosphorescent OLEDs and thin film
barrier technology.

-eMagin Corp's highest resolution full color OLED
microdisplay; 1920xRGBx1200, 9.6um pitch.

--Eric Forsythe

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